Mango Fall 2012

Source: mango.com

What makes surviving in Perth Australia really hard is that there is no Mango, Zara or H&M. Being Dutch I really need my affordable stores. I have been familiar with Mango for quite some time. In the days that they were giving away the very cool colourfull Mango stickers and the cutest colourfull bags. In those days I was always very happy with the jeans they were selling. Right fit and long enough. But well... that was like ten years ago. Right now Mango has a very amazing Fall 2012 collection. Not in stores yet, but as it is already fall here in Perth (without the rain and cold, but still it is fall ;-)). I feel very much allowed to already fall in love with some items. The white jeans, white blouse, striped trousers, the black low boots, the black Isabel Marant like high boots and the jacket! Love it!

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