Sold Design Lab

Source: www.denimology.com

Love these clothes from Sold Design Lab for Fall 2012 so much. I would really like to wear the above outfits. The photo's from their lookbook look so fabulous! These outfits are an inspiration to me. Do you like it as well as I do?


Outfit Bali

Top: Morgan, Shorts: H&M, Clutch: COS, Slippers: Seafolly, Sunnies: RayBan

Yesterday afternoon I got back in Perth again after a 3,5 hour flight. Bali was amazing, such a beautiful country! I had a great time over there. Above is one of the summer outfits that I wore during the day. Just some shorts, a top and slippers were the perfect things to wear in sunny Bali.


Elephant bracelet

Top/Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Seafolly, Sunnies: RayBan 

Today, I went for a ride on an elephant through the jungle in Bali. The ride was amazing and the surroundings were really beautiful. I also fed the elephant and a photo was made with me on the elephants knee as you can see above. After the ride I found this gorgeous bracelet with a little elephant at the back, that I bought today. Thought it would be a lovely souvenir to remember this great experience!


White outfit

Top: H&M, Pants: Mango, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Mango, Bracelets: H&M, Van Rycke, Clutch: COS, Sunglasses: Rayban

Few weeks ago I showed on my blog some white looks of my favourite bloggers. This is the white outfit that I wore today in Bali. Love the Mango shoes, but the mosquito's liked them too. They bit me so many times in my feet at night during dinner, now my feet are itching like crazy...



Blouse: Maison Scotch
Jeans: Levi's Curve ID
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Mango

Here are some first outfit shots from beautiful Bali. We are just figuring out how the new camera exactly works. Did some test-shooting at night, think the photo's came out quite oké. With the perfect warm weather here in Bali, I could finaly wear my new Mango sandals!



Shoes: Mango
Yesterday I arrived in Bali! Here is a little preview of the outfit that I wore today. Tomorrow I hope to show you the whole outfit on my blog!


Céline pre-fall

Source style.com
While I was reading the Vogue (Australia), I couldn't get my eyes of a page where I saw a look of the Céline pre-fall collection. A few pages later I saw another incredible Céline look. I must admit I have seen some of the Céline pre-fall collection before online, but to me the clothes looked a lot better on paper. So I guess it would be even better so see it for real! What I definately need for fall is a long wide leather pants, a striped suit and a leather top. And most of all I really really need a Céline bag in my life!


Jessica Gomes

Source rawwblog.com

This outfit of Jessica Gomes would be perfect for me to wear to Bali next week. Love the Isabel Marant shoes, shorts and the Celine bag. The blazer would be nice for the evenings, when it gets a bit colder. You know what the funny thing is, that Jessica Gomes is raised in Perth, Australia. The place where I am right now.
Stay tuned because I am planning to show some of my own outfits on my blog next week.


Orange blazer

Source manrepeller.com
Source thesartorialist.com
Source styleheroine.com
Today's blogpost includes some orange! Because, I really miss Holland! As you might know, orange is the colour of the dutch. In my opinion, these fashionable people really rock their orange blazer!

By the way, I'm crazy about the Maison Martin Margiela shoes that The Man Repeller is wearing. They are so fabulous!



Source elleuk.com
Source afterdrk.freshnet.se
Source stylebykling.nowmanifest.com
Source style.com
Source jakandjil.com
Source jakandjil.com

Some detail shots that I found on the web and which I love.
What I love about it?;
1. Those shoulders are amazing.
2. Very beautiful suit.
3. Shoes, bag, jeans!
4. Leather jacket underneath the coat, leather clutch.
5. Nice blazer, great shot.
6. Isabel Marant boots! Just love shoes...

What do you think?



Source harpersbazaar.com.au

The Australian fashion label Ksubi has some amazing items for S/S 2012. As you can see in some of their lookbook photo's that I displayed above. I think it is such a cool brand! Never really noticed the brand when I was in Holland, but here in Australia Ksubi is quite big! And I really love most of the items of their S/S 2012 collection. Especially the jackets, the leather pants, the blazer with the leather details and the skirt in the last photo. Wish I could take it all back with me to the Netherlands!


Mother's day

Source jem-paris.com

Wouldn't this be the perfect Mother's day gift? I think it is such a beautiful watch. This golden watch is from Isabel Marant and she was inspired by the one her father used to wear.
Unfortunately, not very affordable...


Today's purchases

This morning I went to Perth City to go shopping for some shorts, because in 9 days I'm going to Bali! But of course, didn't find any shorts that I liked. When I was at Myer I saw these amazing shoes for 30% off! They look so much like the Isabel Marant ones, only these are from Siren and a lot cheaper. I am so happy that I found these and they are very comfortable!
P.S. Sorry about the bad picture, haven't bought a new camera yet.


Angelina Jolie

Source marieclaire.co.uk

Have you already seen these goofy photos of Angeline Jolie? Even acting crazy, she still looks gorgeous! Don't you think?


Geraldine Saglio

Source wikifashion.com

Source streetpeeper.com
Source stockholm-streetstyle.com
Source: stockholm-streetstyle.com

After I saw another great outfit of Geraldine Saglio on Stockholm Streetstyle, I thought let's do today's post about her. You might have seen my earlier post about Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue, Paris). So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I also really like the style of her assistent Geraldine Saglio. Both are definately fabulous!



Source: forwardforward.com
I'm completely obsessed with the Givenchy Obsedia bag and the Givenchy Guerra Heels! Aren't they just amazing?


The Coveteur

Source thecoveteur.com

Did you all know about The Coveteur? They make these great interior photos of items that they find in closets of "global tastemakers".
On the site of thecoveteur.com you can see a little story written with every photo. It tells you something about the items. I think is a great way of showing a little part of the people's lives.

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